zero turn lawn mower with bagger

For doing your fall cleanups, baggers are a great tool and save a lot of time and effort. There are several different Cub Cadet bagger options available. Let’s discuss some of the different features and benefits.

Cub Cadet Tractors

Different Cub Cadet tractors have different grass collection systems. All of them will have a front counterweight, to add weight to the front end of your machine to accommodate the weight of attachments.

As your bagger fills up you have more weight in the back, making the front-end lighter which makes for an unsafe condition. Thus, the counterweight is extremely important. All counterweights are quick detach and some have pins or a couple bolts so you can take that weight off when you’re not using the bagger.

Like the weights, baggers are very easy to take on and off as well.

Cub Cadet tractors support two bag systems and three bag systems. Something relatively new from Cub Cadet is a 25-bushel capacity so this will give you 2 ½ to 3 ½ times the capacity of typical grass collection systems. This is designed more for leaf cleanup. If you’re picking up leaves, those bags will fill up quick. This is a much higher capacity.

Cub Cadet also offers dump carts, which can be purchased with or without a bagger.

Cub Cadet Zero Turn Riders

Cub zero turn riders require counterweight because there is more weight on the rear of the machine due to the engine, versus lawn tractors which have more weight on the front.

Cub Cadet two bag systems have a flip up and some have a nice little site door so you can look from the driver’s seat to see if it’s full. The bags will slide out very easily when it’s time for dumping them.

Depending on the model, the mower can have a two-bag or three-bag system. The three-bag system is typically found on your larger mower decks. The larger mower decks have more capacity so the two-bag system will fill up quicker, so typically on the 48 inch or larger decks you’ll see a three-bag system to pick up 50% more capacity. Cub Cadet offers three bag systems on their larger decks.

Use our illustrated parts diagrams to locate any replacement parts you may need for your Cub Cadet riding lawn mower.