How to Change a Cub Cadet Walk Behind Lawn Mower Blade
Sharpening or changing your lawn mower blade is imperative to a well-manicured lawn. A lawn mower with a dull blade will cut the grass unevenly and the tips of grass blades will be torn instead of cleanly-sliced. Periodically inspect your lawn and lawn mower to determine if a new blade is needed. As a rule of thumb, sharpen or replace your lawn mower blade at least once a year. Refer to this guide when it’s time to change your .

Before performing any maintenance on your lawn mower, refer to your owner’s manual for maintenance instructions and safety information. Maintenance instructions vary by model, so depending on your lawn mower model our instructions may vary slightly.

Before changing the wheels on your lawn mower, please abide by these safety precautions:
  • Shut off the engine
  • Allow the engine to become cool to the touch
  • Disconnect the spark plug wire to prevent accidental starting
First, turn the mower on its side to access the blade. Make sure the air filter and carburetor side is facing up. Mower blades are sharp so make sure you always wear gloves for protection. Secure the lawn mower blade using a blade removal tool or place a block of wood between the blade and the frame of the mower to support the blade when you apply pressure to remove it.

Remove the blade retaining bolt and then remove the blade. Depending on wear and tear, either sharpen the blade or replace it with a new one. Secure the new or sharpened blade with the blade removal tool or block of wood. Then tighten the blade retaining bolt to the torque indicated in your owner’s manual.

The side of the blade that says “Bottom,” or shows the part number should face the ground when the mower is in operating position. Once the blade is secured on your lawn mower, turn the lawn mower right side up and reconnect the spark plug. Start your lawn mower and listen for noises or vibration.