How to Change the Blades on a Cub Cadet Ultima
Over time, the blades on your Cub Cadet Ultima zero turn rider can become worn out or dinged. The gradual damage of the mower blades can reduce the effectiveness of your mower. Check the blades on your mower at least twice a year, at the beginning and middle of the mowing season. Check the blades more often if you mow more frequently. Here’s how to change the blades on a Cub Cadet Ultima.

Before performing any maintenance on your Cub Cadet Ultima, refer to your operator’s manual. It lists required maintenance, safety information, and instructions for your machine. Maintenance instructions vary by model, so depending on your model our instructions may vary slightly.

Begin by parking your zero turn on a flat, level surface. Turn the engine off and allow it to cool, remove the ignition key, disconnect the spark plug ignition wire to prevent accidental starting, and engage the parking brake.

Set the deck height on your Ultima to the lowest setting. Use a 3/8-inch socket or wrench to remove both belt covers from the deck.

Remove the access panel. Use the panel access tool included on Cub Cadet Ultima mowers to remove the bolt from the panel.

Remove the belt from the spindle pulleys. Use a 9/16-inch socket or wrench to pull the idler pulley arm back to release the belt tension.

Remove the belt from the idler pulleys and PTO clutch. Use both a 9/16-inch socket and wrench to loosen the idler pulley bolts.

Remove the cotter pins and deck pins from the deck. Slide the deck out from under your Cub Cadet mower. Flip the deck over to access the blades. Wear gloves for protection when working with blades.

Remove the blades. Use a block of wood and wedge it between the blade and the frame of your machine to stop the blades from rotating. Use a 15/16-inch socket or wrench to loosen the blade nuts.

Replace the blades on your Ultima and tighten the nuts. Make sure the word “bottom” or the blade part number is facing the ground when installing the blades.

Flip the deck over and slide the deck back into place under the mower. Reattach the deck and slide the deck pins back into place. Reconnect the cotter pins.

Reinstall the belt. Route the belt around the PTO clutch. Route the belt through the idler pulleys.

Use both a 9/16-inch socket and wrench to tighten both idler pulley bolts. Route the belt around the spindle pulleys. Use a 9/16-inch socket or wrench to release the tension and finish routing the belt.

Reinstall both belt covers and then reinstall the access panel and bolt. Reconnect the spark plug wires and start your Cub Cadet mower.

Use our illustrated parts diagrams to locate any replacement parts you may need for your Cub Cadet Ultima zero turn rider.