How to Clean a Cub Cadet Snow Blower Chute
When winter’s worst conditions appear, for most of us, our Cub Cadet snow blowers are our best defense. Snow blowers are meant to make your life easier, but a clogged chute will make the job more difficult. Your Cub Cadet snow blower will become clogged when ice or sticky snow build up around your machine’s auger or the top of your chute where the snow is discharged. This build up in your snow blower prevents snow from exiting your machine as it normally would. Here’s what to do when your Cub Cadet snow blower chute is clogged.

Before performing any maintenance on your Cub Cadet blower, refer to your owner’s manual for maintenance instructions and safety information. Maintenance instructions vary by model, so depending on your snow blower model our instructions may vary slightly.

Never use your hands to clear a clogged chute assembly. Shut off the engine and remain behind the machine until all moving parts have stopped before working to unclog.

To clean a clogged snow blower chute, release the Auger Control and the Drive Control. Stop the engine by removing the ignition key.

Many Cub Cadet two-stage snow blowers are designed with a convenient chute clean-out tool that is fastened to the front of the auger housing with a mounting clip. Some snow blowers are designed with the clean-out tool at the back of the machine.

If snow and ice get lodged in the chute assemble during operation, use the clean-out tool to safely clean the chute assembly and chute opening.

Refasten the clean-out tool to the mounting clip and reinsert the ignition key and start the snow blower.

While standing behind your Cub Cadet blower, engage the Auger Control for a few seconds to clear any remaining snow and ice from the chute assembly.

How to prevent snow blower clogs

A good method to prevent snow blower clogs is the use of a nonstick snow blower spray. This will help keep the surfaces inside your machine slippery, making it difficult for the snow and ice to build up and attach itself to your snow blower. Spray the chute and auger before use to shield the metal so snow passes through without sticking or clogging.