Commonly Asked Questions About John Deere Mowers
When it comes to a lawn mower purchase, most people want a machine that will give their yard a nice cut and last for a long time. It is perfectly normal for people who are mowing for the first time to have questions concerning their machine. It is also perfectly normal for an experienced mower operator to have a lawn mower question every now and then. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about John Deere mowers.

How Do I Remove the Mower Blade?

Begin by removing the mower deck. Place the deck on the ground so that the blades face up. Use a 15mm wrench or a 15mm socket with a ratchet to loosen the bolts holding the blades. You can also use a ramp to get underneath the mower.

How Do I Store my John Deere tractor?

First, and most importantly, you will need to empty all fuel from your tractor. Most gasoline contains a substantial amount of ethanol, which breaks down over time and loosens deposits that have formed inside the engine. This causes gum-like material to move around inside the fuel system, which can clog the carburetor and other small openings.

Drain your gas tank before the off-season. At the end of each mowing season, fill your fuel tank with just enough gas to run your engine for one last mow. Once you’re done mowing, let the engine run until it stalls out and there is no longer any gas in the tank.

If you have trouble completely draining your tank or prefer to keep your John Deere stocked with gas, you can choose to use a fuel stabilizer. Refer to the instructions on your package of stabilizer and add the correct amount, followed by a full tank of fresh, high-octane gas. Run your mower for a few minutes to circulate the mixture throughout the carburetor, then turn the machine off. This will allow you to store a gas-filled tank for up to six months, and should let you start your mower easily when mowing season begins.

Be sure to store your John Deere tractor somewhere clean and dry like a garage or shed that offers protection from rain, snow, and other winter elements. For additional protection, consider covering your mower with a tarp to block out possible moisture. You also have the option to remove the mower’s battery and store it in a warm, indoor location to help extend performance life.

How Do I Store Fuel?

Store your fuel in a clean, plastic, sealed container approved for fuel storage. This will help prevent rust and metallic contaminants from entering the fuel system. Store the container away from direct sunlight. Fuel will deteriorate faster when exposed to air and sunlight. Additionally, try to keep reserve fuel stored inside to avoid cold temperatures and harsh conditions.

If it takes longer than 30 days to use the fuel in the container, add a fuel stabilizer when you fill the container.

What is The Proper Way to Transport my Tractor?

First, load your John Deere tractor facing towards the front of the trailer, this will ensure that the wind does not open or damage the hood. Second, lower the mower deck all the way down to the trailer bed, relieving stress on the mower link. Third, tie down the tractor on all four points. This way, if one tie down comes loose, you still have the tractor tied down on three points. Forth, turn off the on/off valve for the fuel, if the engine has one.

How Do I Know When to Bag and When to Mulch My Yard Clippings?

Dry conditions are best for mulching. Avoid mulching if the grass is too wet from rain or dew. Avoid mulching when the grass is too long, as the grass will clump up. Take off no more than 1/3 of height of your grass when mowing. Grass struggles to recover when you cut off more than a third of its height in a single mowing.

When it comes to bagging, try to collect all the leaves and grass in one pass. If you prefer your grass to grow long, the bagger will pick up long grass to leave a clean look.

When Is Oil Consumption Considered to Be Excessive?

As a standard, most lawn mower engines should not see their oil level go from “Full” to “Add” on the oil dipstick within 10 hours of use. One method to determine if oil usage is at an acceptable level is to compare the amount of oil consumed to the amount of engine run time in hours.

Tips on Improving My Mower’s Performance?

Sharpen mower blades at least twice a year and clean the mower deck thoroughly on a regular basis.

Adjust your mower gauge wheels as instructed in your operator’s manual.