Convert Your John Deere Tractor Into a Snow Blower
Many of us dread clearing snow during the winter. We know that maneuvering your shovel or snow blower through heavy, wet snow during the winter can be exhausting. If you own a John Deere tractor, you may not dread clearing snow as much. Your John Deere tractor provides you with an alternative way to remove snow this year. If you convert your tractor into a snow blower, you can avoid the need to shovel or purchase a snow blower. Here’s what you need to convert your John Deere tractor into a snow blower.

John Deere attachments and accessories vary by model. Refer to your owner’s manual for information on attachment and accessory compatibility.

Snow blower attachment
To convert your John Deere tractor into a snow blower, you need a snow blower attachment to remove the snow from your drive and walkways. These attachments have the capacity to handle big snow removal jobs and work well in all snow conditions.

Plow blade attachment
If you prefer to push snow instead of throw it, there is an assortment of John Deere tractor mounted plows to help clear snow from your driveway. Plow blades get closer to the pavement than blowers, leaving you with little to no snow on your pathways.

Snow cab
You can add a snow cab to your John Deere tractor for extra protection from freezing temps and harsh winds.

Tire chains
When using your John Deere tractor in the snow, your tractor tires may not have the stability and traction needed to remove snow. When the pavement is covered by snow or is icy, you can increase the traction by using tractor tire chains.

Tire chains are also beneficial when working on steep terrain and narrow roads. To maintain traction, make sure you have tire chains on your tires. They will make your snow removal tasks safer and more productive.

Wheel weights
Like tire chains, wheel weights provide extra traction when working on snowy or icy terrain. Weight wheels are recommended when adding attachments to the front of your John Deere tractor. Apply these weights to the rear tires to help weigh down the back end of your machine and press down so the tires grip better.

Cast-iron weights
Cast-iron weights are great attachments for the front end of your John Deere tractor. These counterbalance heavy attachments and provide better traction and stability.

Some tractors have built-in front and/or rear weight brackets to hang the cast-iron weights on. Other tractors require a weight bracket. Refer to your owner’s manual to determine what your John Deere tractor has and/or needs.