How to Install a Mulch Kit on a John Deere Tractor
Mulch kits can give your John Deere tractor more value when mowing. Mulch kits generally include mulching blades and a mulching plug, along with necessary hardware for installation. The mulch blades chop grass clippings into smaller pieces than the standard blades, and those smaller pieces decompose faster and help return nutrients back into the soil, keeping your grass healthy. Continue reading to learn how to install a mulch kit on your John Deere tractor.

Before performing any maintenance on your John Deere tractor, refer to your owner’s manual for maintenance and safety information. Maintenance instructions vary by model. Depending on your model number, these instructions may vary. Be sure to refer to your owner’s manual for detailed instructions.

To install a mulch kit on a John Deere tractor, begin by removing the mower blades. Use a Jungle Jack or other form of jack to lift the front of your mower to create space under the mower deck. Raise the deck to the highest setting. Remove the center holding nut from the mower blade with a wrench. Use a gloved hand to keep the blade from turning while removing the nut. Save the nut for installing the mulching blade. Repeat this blade removal step for the mower blade on the other side of the deck.

Now that the old blades have been removed, it’s time to replace them with the new blades included in the mulch kit. Place the center hole of the mulching blade over the mounting stud on the underside of the mower deck. Make sure the cutting end of the blade faces forward when spinning in a clockwise direction. Use your gloved hand to hold the blade in place while tightening the holding nut with your wrench. Repeat this step to install the mulching blade on the other side of the deck as well.

To install the mulch plug on your John Deere tractor, lift the discharge chute up. Place the mulch plug into the deck discharge chute opening with the carriage bolt threads facing upward. Fit the mulch plug onto the mower deck lip and remove the tape from the metal deflector and discharge chute so that it falls into place. Insert the carriage bolt into the mounting hole on the lower left side of the mower deck. Tighten the locking wing nut.

You are now ready to use your John Deere tractor as a mulcher. In the future, if you want to mow without mulching, remove the mulch plug, and you will not need to change the blades.