Cub Cadet Snow Blower Common Problems and Solutions
Snow blower problem? We have the solution.

Snow Blower Not Blowing Snow
If your Cub Cadet snow blower is not blowing snow it’s essentially useless. This issue can be a result of a number of things including snow build-up in the machine, worn scraper bar or paddles, or a defective impeller.

A build-up of snow in the discharge chute is a common snow blower problem. However, snow build-up can prevent snow from blowing. To resolve this issue, shut off your snow blower and clear any snow buildup in the chute. If the chute is clear, check the augers and auger drive system for problems.

Worn scraper bar or paddles is an issue common among single stage snow blowers. A worn scraper bar no longer clears snow as well as it did before. If this is the case with your snow blower, replace your scraper bar. If snow is going in and coming back out of your machine, replace the paddles.

Your snow blower paddles have wear indicator holes on them so look at the wear indicator holes, and when the rubber paddles are worn to the holes it is time to replace the paddles.

Your snow blower’s impeller propels snow through the chute. If the impeller is broken or jammed the snow blower won’t blow the snow. If your impeller is broken, replace it.

Snow Blower Not Starting
If your snow blower isn’t starting, it could be a result of a few things. For starters, your machine could contain a defective spark plug. Check your spark plug for any deposits, cracks or other damage. If the spark plug is damaged or not getting a sufficient spark, replace the spark plug.

If you have old fuel resting in your snow blower, this could be the cause of your machine not starting. Drain any old fuel by disconnecting the fuel line between the fuel tank and carburetor. Any residual fuel in the carburetor should be drained by removing the carburetor bowl. Clean the bowl and replace the bowl gasket.

A clogged carburetor is usually the result of leaving fuel in your snow blower for an extended period. Old fuel can result in fuel evaporation, which may leave behind a thick, sticky substance. The sticky fuel can clog the carburetor and prevent the engine from starting. If your carburetor is clogged, clean it with carburetor cleaner. If that doesn’t work, you need to rebuild or, in some cases, replace the entire carburetor.

Snow Blower Leaking Gas
If fuel is leaking from the bottom of the carburetor, the carburetor gasket may be dried out or missing. Try replacing the carburetor gasket. Another result of fuel leaking from the bottom of the carburetor is a dried out or missing carburetor bowl gasket. If that’s the case, replace the carburetor bowl gasket

To solve this issue, check the connections to the fuel filter and the filter housing. If it is cracked do not try to fix it. Replace it completely. If any fuel lines are cracked, replace them as well.

Snow Blower Auger Not Turning
If the auger on your Cub Cadet snow blower is not turning, one of the following could be the issue.

  1. If the auger cable on your snow blower is broken, the auger won’t turn. Inspect the auger cable; if it’s broken replace it.
  2. Check the auger blades on your snow blower. If the blades are bent or damaged, replace them. If the auger assembly is worn, replace the entire thing.
  3. The shear pin and bolt are designed to break if your snow blower’s auger hits a large rock or chunk of ice to protect the engine from damage. If the shear pin or bolt breaks, the auger is unable to turn. Check to see if the pin or bolt is broken and replace it if necessary.
  4. The cogged belt or V-belt make the connection between the engine and gearbox so if either belt is damaged or broken, your snow blower’s auger won’t turn. Inspect each belt for wear and tear, and if it is broken or worn out it should be replaced.
Snow Blower Wheels Not Turning
Inspect the wheels of your snow blower before each use. If you spot a flat tire, repair or replace it. If the wheel rim is damage, you should replace it as well.

If the wheels on your Cub Cadet snow blower are not turning, a defective cogged or V-belt could be the issue. The cogged belt and V-belt make the connection between the engine and gearbox so if either belt is damaged or broken your snow blower’s wheels won’t turn. Inspect each belt for wear and tear, and if it is broken or worn out it should be replaced.

You could also be facing an issue with a defective drive disk. The drive disk has a rubber outer layer that grips and turns the drive plate. If the drive disk is worn or greasy it will slip and the drive plate won’t turn, and your snow blower wheels won’t turn. Clean the drive disk if it is wet or greasy, but if it’s worn out replace it.

Lastly, a broken cable control could be the culprit of your snow blower wheels not turning. Make sure the control cable on your snow blower is not broken. Make sure the cable moves freely, if not apply a small amount of oil to the cable. If lubricating is ineffective, replace the control cable.

Use our illustrated parts diagrams to locate any replacement parts you may need for maintenance for your Cub Cadet snow blower.