5 Ways To Prepare For Winter Storms
When it comes to winter storms, are you doing everything you can to get ready for heavy snow and prevent possible weather damage? Gear up ahead of time with these preparation tips and reduce winter weather-related problems before they hit.

1 – Use A Good De-Icer On Walkways

When it comes to de-icers, the benefits of professional-grade ice melt greatly outweigh ordinary rock salt. Typically composed of calcium, magnesium, potassium, chloride, or a combination of these, ice melt lowers the freezing point of water to melt snow and ice at much lower temperatures.

Additionally, ice melt is less corrosive than rock salt, making it safer for your driveway, sidewalk, and yard. Less corrosion is also good news for your shoes and carpet, so you can breathe easier when accidentally tracking residual ice melt indoors.

2 – Trim Overgrown Branches

Winter storms bring extreme winter winds, ice, and heavy snow. When that wind, ice and snow hit, your trees may pose a potential hazard to you and your home. Branches that are close to your house can break off and cause serious damage, leaving you with more than just a damaged tree.

To help prevent damage and injury, use a chainsaw to trim overgrown or loose branches before storms pass through.

3 – Clean Gutters

Leaf-clogged gutters often cause major problems when combined with winter weather. Left unattended, debris buildup can lead to water overflow, ice dams, and even flooding.

If you’ve experienced some flooding before, try using a water pump to collect standing water from floors or other areas where liquid and debris may have settled.

4 – Choose A Reliable Generator

Having the right generator on hand can mean the difference between operating your home without interruption or going days without power. Avoid being stuck without lights, charging stations, and appliances by keeping a generator nearby for surprise outages.

5 – Tune Up Your Snow Blower

For ultimate convenience this winter, remember to tune up your snow blower and make sure it is in great working order before the first big snowfall. Having your snow blower ready to go will help cut down on any surprise malfunctions when it’s time to clear your driveway.