Get Your John Deere Gator Ready for Winter
Yes, it’s cold out, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop using your John Deere Gator. Since John Deere utility vehicles are designed to take on any condition or task, trudging through snow during the winter is not as difficult as you may think. There are a variety of attachments designed to winterize your Gator so continue reading to learn how these add-ons can help prepare your machine for winter conditions.

Floor Mats
The snow and mud covering the grounds during the wintertime may get tracked back to the floor of your Gator. These washable floor mats protect the floor from outside elements and minimizes debris and noise in the operator station.

Cab Doors and Rear Panel
Adding cab doors to your John Deere Gator can boost the temperature inside your cab. Also, heat-absorbing tinted glass absorbs solar radiation through the windows. These panels come in three different colors.

The cab rear panel has the same heat-­absorbing tinted glass that absorbs solar radiation. It also helps keep dust and snow out of the operator station when it’s installed with a full windshield.

Canvas Cab Doors
Canvas cab doors are a nice option if you don’t want full-on doors. You can choose the heavy-duty, water-resistant polyester canvas doors for your machine. There is also a poly roof, canvas roof/rear panel, poly rear window, and full-flip-out windshield to keep yourself protected from the elements.

OPS Poly Roof
This roof provides the operator, and passenger, with year-round weather protection thanks to molded-in water troughs that routes water away.

Glass Windshield
This windshield is made of tempered glass and provides clear, distortion-free vision for the operator. It’s also tinted to absorb heat and keeps out rain and snow.

Windshield Wiper Kit
The windshield wiper kit ensures that operators can see clearly in the snow. The backlit switch installs right onto the dashboard.

Deluxe Cargo Box Cover
This heavy-duty fabric coated cover is water resistant. An elastic cord and hook attachment system keeps loads tightly secured and away from the wet weather.

Vehicle Cover
When you’re done working for the day, you can shut your machine down and use this heavy-weight polyester fabric cover to protect your entire vehicle from poor weather conditions year-round.

Straight Blades
There are several straight blades you can use with your John Deere Gator, ranging from 66 to 72 inches. For instance, the Standard V-Shape Blade is a great for dirt and snow removal, as well as grading. The Hydraulic Straight Blade can be used if you want a hydraulic lift and angling system to make snow removal easier. Again, there are multiple options available. Be sure to choose one that fits your specific needs.

This is not an entire list of John Deere Gator attachments, but we hope the listed attachments come in handy this winter. Remember you can customize your Gator however you like to prepare for winter conditions.