Buyer’s Guide to John Deere Tractor X730
Whether you have a small lawn or a large one, the John Deere Tractor X730 is the mower for you if you’re in the market for a durable and efficient machine.

John Deere Tractor X730 with power steering and liquid-cooled, 25.5 hp V-Twin engine delivers premium performance, versatility, and ruggedness for a reliable machine that caters to your toughest lawn care challenges. The V-twin engine uses the John Deere iTorque power system with electronic fuel injection for unbeatable performance.

This engine is also designed to handle commercial-use applications. The engine can provide enough power and torque under any operating condition. With liquid cooling, you can enjoy quieter operation and a longer lifespan.

Equipped with a heavy-duty frame for handling a variety of tilling, mulching, mowing, and other lawn care needs, the X730 features a rugged transmission for stronger, more powerful results.

MulchControl allows you to quickly change between mulching and side discharge mowing with just the push of a button.

Power steering is a standard feature on the John Deere Tractor X730, making maneuvering the mower a breeze. Power steering also reduces operator fatigue and improves mowing productivity.

The John Deere Tractor X730 also includes an onboard storage box, 12-volt power outlet for charging portable power tools, and a comfortable, high-back seat for ultimate mowing comfort. Plus, with a 4-year/700-hour limited warranty, your John Deere tractor will run dependably season after season.

The high-capacity regulated alternator charging system on the X730 is designed to provide enough power to quickly recharge the battery. The large-capacity battery provides enough cranking power for quick starts in cold weather conditions.

Use our illustrated parts diagrams to locate any replacement parts you may need for maintenance for your John Deere tractor.