John Deere Tractor Battery Maintenance Tips

Whether operating your new John Deere tractor, or one you’ve had for years, battery maintenance is essential to keeping your machine operating efficiently. Without proper maintenance, your John Deere will eventually stop working so here are some battery maintenance tips you can use to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Tip #1 – Inspect and clean the battery terminals

When you’re inspecting the battery, it’s critical to check for corrosion. You always want to check the battery and terminals for corrosion, which can occur naturally over time. Corrosion occurs when hydrogen gas is released from battery acid and will look like a blue or greenish white crust built up around the metal terminals. If the corrosion is left untreated, it can prevent your battery from recharging properly or damage the battery terminals and wires over time.

Tip #2 – Clean the corrosion, if necessary
To clean the corrosion, disconnect the battery cables from the battery first. Begin with the negative terminal. Make sure to keep them separated.

Use a wire brush and a battery cleaner spray to clean the terminals. The cleaner will neutralize the acid in the corrosion, making it safe to clean. Spray the entire area, including areas that are not corroded. Leave the battery cleaner spray on for a few minutes, and then use a terminal brush to brush away the corrosion build-up until the metal on the terminal and posts are visible again. After that, flush them with water.

Tip #3 – Use battery terminal protectant spray
Using battery terminal protectant spray will help you prevent future corrosion. Spray your battery three to four times per year for best results.

Tip #4 – Additional troubleshooting
Once the corrosion is removed from the terminals, reconnect the battery and check to see if your tractor starts. If your machine starts and runs regularly, you’ve corrected a problem linked to corrosion. If your machine doesn’t start, try using a battery charger or battery booster cables to fix the problem.

Tip #5 -Know your battery
The batteries on your John Deere tractor should always be fully charged before you place them in storage. Batteries will always discharge over time, and lower temperatures slow down the process. If you don’t plan to use your tractor for an extended period of time, store it in a cool location.