How to Grease the Wheel Bearings on your John Deere Zero Turn Rider
Your John Deere zero turn rider works hard and requires regular maintenance to ensure a long and reliable service life. Part of this maintenance includes greasing the wheel bearings on the front of your mower. You should lubricate the bearings one to two times each mowing season to protect them from wear and keep them spinning smoothly.

Before performing any maintenance on your John Deere lawn mower, refer to your owner’s manual for maintenance instructions and safety information. Also, you’ll need a grease gun and grease for your zero turn mower.

Park your John Deere mower on a level surface, stop the engine, and remove the ignition key. Move to the front of your mower and locate the grease fittings on the outside hub of the caster wheels. These fittings, also referred to as zerks, make it easy to apply grease to the wheels internal bearings.

Start by cleaning the fitting on the wheels with a rag. Remove any grass, dirt or debris that could interfere with greasing the wheel bearings. Make sure the spring-loaded bearing ball inside the inlet is visible and free to move.

Attach the nozzle on the end of the grease gun to the fitting on one of the caster wheels. Pump grease into the fitting until you see a little bit of grease ooze out of the wheel bearing. Use your rag to wipe away excess grease that oozes out to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. Move to the other front wheel and grease the wheel bearing. When complete, again wipe excess grease with a rag.

Don’t forget to factor your wheel bearings into your lawn mower maintenance checklist. No matter how small it may seem, performing maintenance on your wheel bearings plays a huge role in the performance of your John Deere equipment.