Lawn Mower Troubleshooting Tips

If your John Deere lawn mower is not properly cared for it will have a shorter life and experience more problems. Spring is upon us and that means it’s time to begin your yard maintenance. Here’s what to do when you’re ready to tackle yard work but your John Deere equipment isn’t.

Tip #1 – Utilize new fuel and air filters
For starters, fresh fuel and a clean air filter will help prevent lawn mower problems. To clean your air filter, tap it to remove lose debris. If you hold it to the light and see the light, it’s okay to use. If there is no light, replace it with a new air filter.

Use fresh, mid-grade fuel with no higher than E10 Ethanol rating, stored in a clean, sealed container.

Tip #2 – Check bolts, wheels, cables and belts
Tighten all bolts. Check that the lawn mower wheels, cables and belts are not overly worn to avoid problems when you are mowing.

Tip #3 – Check spark plugs and carburetors
Common problems that affect the performance of your John Deere lawn mower are fouled spark plugs, and flooded carburetors.

Replacing the spark plug can make a huge difference in the performance of your mower. Change your spark plug every two years. To avoid a flooded carburetor, you need to drain the carburetor and put new fuel in it.

Tip #4 – Keep a sharp lawn mower blade
A dull blade will not prevent your John Deere lawn mower from starting but it will affect your lawn. Dull blades trim grass unevenly and leave the tips of your grass torn and not cleanly-sliced. If your blade is dull, have it sharpened and balanced for efficient mowing.

Tip #5 – Keep up with routine maintenance
Staying on top of routine maintenance will increase the performance and life span of your John Deere lawn mower and other equipment.