How to Use John Deere Maintenance Kits
Staying on top of maintenance is essential to maximizing the performance and life of your outdoor power equipment. John Deere makes it easy to tune-up your tractor all on your own. They also make it easy to match a kit to your specific tractor model by listing the model on the box so you’ll never have to worry about missing parts necessary for maintenance.

Most John Deere Maintenance Kits include:

2 quarts oil

1 oil filter

1 air filter

1 fuel filter

Air precleaner

Spark plugs(s)

Additional tools (not included in Maintenance Kits):

Oil filter wrench

Drain pan



Socket wrench

Spark plug gap gauge

Here’s how to perform maintenance on your John Deere tractor using a John Deere Maintenance Kit.

Change the oil and oil filter
Drain the old oil by running your tractor’s engine for a couple minutes so that the oil flows better. Set your drain pan on the ground to catch the old oil. Remove the drain cap and allow the oil to drain completely. Once the oil has been drained, remove the dipstick and use a towel/rag to wipe off old oil.

Before replacing the oil filter, use your towel or rag to clean the area around the filter and then place the drain pan under the filter tray. Remove the old filter and gasket and make sure to dispose of it properly. Rub a light coat of fresh oil on the new filter gasket and screw on the new filter by hand, until the rubber gasket makes contact with the filter base. Then tighten the filter another half turn to make sure it’s secure.

Next, install the drain cap and pour in the new oil, but make sure not to fill it past the full mark. Run the engine again to make sure you don’t have any leaks, and ensure proper fill by checking the dipstick.

Change the air filter
Before replacing the air filter, make sure the engine is cool. You should also brush away any debris covering the air intake screen. Take off the air filter cover then remove the air filter and the precleaner. If your maintenance kit comes with a replacement precleaner, use the new one (to make sure, check your operator’s manual). Put in the new air filter and reinstall the cover.

Change the fuel filter
First, make sure you are in a well-ventilated area and that the engine on your tractor is cool. Check the fuel lines to see if they look worn or cracked. If so, have them replaced. Look at the arrow on the old fuel filter – it shows the gas flow. Make sure the arrow on the new filter goes the same direction as the arrow on the old filter.

Use your pliers to move the clamps away from the filter. Pull off the hoses, gas tank side first, and quickly attach the hoses to the new filter, gas tank side first. Use the pliers again to put the hose clamps back in their original place. Run the engine for a couple minutes and check for leaks.

Change the spark plugs
Pull off the plug wires and use the wrench to loosen the plugs. Remove the plugs and use the spark plug gauge to set the right gap (your operator’s manual will show you the proper gap size). Install the new spark plugs finger tight and then use the wrench to fully tighten the spark plugs. Lastly, reinstall the plug wires.

Sharpen/Replace Blades
Blades are not included in John Deere Maintenance Kits but whenever you perform regular maintenance you should sharpen your blades or replace them if they’re worn. You can sharpen your blades on your own or bring them to a professional.

John Deere Maintenance Kits will keep your equipment running like new year after year. They come with everything you need to service you lawn equipment so stay on top of maintenance to see the best results with your equipment and your lawn.