The Difference Between High-Lift Blades and Mulching Blades
It goes without saying that the most important function of your lawn mower is to cut your grass. The biggest factor in getting the results you want is which type of lawn mower blade you choose to work with. We understand that lawn mower blade terminology can be confusing at times, but there are two styles of blades you should be aware of – high-lift blades, mulching blades.

High-lift blades

High-lift blades are also referred to as 2-in-1 – discharging & bagging – blades. High-lift blades are designed for to create higher-lifting airflow. They assist in cutting grass and discharging the grass clippings out from the deck to fall back onto your lawn. These blades can be identified by a drastic upward angle on the back end of the blade. This helps to propel the clippings through the discharge chute to the back of the bag, which reduces clogging and frustration.

Mulching blades

Mulching blades cut the grass into extremely small particles, eliminating the need to unload heavy bags or pick up clumps of clippings. This method of cutting has a positive effect on the health of your lawn because the mulching blades provide a fine layer of clippings that can become a natural fertilizer. That fertilizer replenishes the soil with nutrients that your grass has absorbed over the season.

Mulching blades are designed with a more curved style surface. They are also referred to as 3-in-1 – mulching, discharging & bagging – blades. These blades are used with mulch kits, for dedicated mulching. Mulch kits generally consist of mulching blades, a mulching plug which closes off the discharge opening to keep grass clippings contained under the deck for re-cutting, and any necessary hardware for installation.

Ultimately, there is not one lawn mower blade that can do it all as well as the lawn mower blade specifically designed for the method you wish to use.