John Deere E 100 Series Tractors
John Deere E 100 Series Tractors are designed to help you maintain your yard at the highest level of comfort. Perfect for homeowners and lawn care professionals, there are a variety of models and features that factor in everything from cutting versatility to maneuverability.

There are nine different models in the E 100 series with cutting deck ranges of 42, 48 and 54-inches. The improved deck lift lever raises and lowers the deck easily while the deep deck design helps lift grass for a clean and even cut. The smooth underside of the mower prevents grass buildup and the rolled outer edge of the mower deck provides extra strength and protection.

The E100 is the only model in the series that uses a CVT transmission. The automatic transmission allows operators to easily choose their desired forward or reverse speed using a single foot pedal. The rest of the models in the E Series lineup have a hydrostatic transmission which is operated off two foot pedals, a forward and reverse pedal.

John Deere E 100 Series tractors are designed with a Briggs and Stratton engine and high back seats. All the controls are community mounted up on the dashboard. There is an electric PTO clutch to engage the mower deck while the throttle and choke are all in one lever. The control handle easily adjusts your height of cut.

John Deere E 100 Series tractors also come standard with a cup holder and little glove compartment.

Certain models in the E 100 Series lineup feature the John Deere Easy Change 30 Second Oil Change System makes changing the engine oil quick and easy. There’s no drain plugs and no mess, and the oil is stored right in the cartridge.

With nine different tractor models in the John Deere E Series, some of the different features you’ll see include are front bumpers, a larger seat with more support, and larger front and rear tires to give you better traction.