John Deere Gator Oil Change
Maintenance is critical to ensuring your machine runs properly for years to come. Oil changes should be performed on your John Deere Gator a routine basis to extend its lifespan. Here are the steps required for a John Deere Gator oil change.

Before performing any maintenance on your John Deere, refer to your operator’s manual. It lists required maintenance, safety information, and instructions for your machine. Maintenance instructions vary by model, so depending on your model our instructions may vary slightly.

To perform an oil change on your Gator, you’ll need a new oil filter, new engine oil, drain pan, funnel, oil filter wrench, and rags.

Start the engine of your Gator to warm the oil. Park the machine on a level surface and allow the engine to cool. Engage the parking brake. Raise and secure the cargo box. Remove the key and disconnect the battery.

Drain the oil by removing the oil fill cap from the filler opening. Place the drain pan under the engine pan drain hole and the oil filler drain hole. Remove the drain plug and drain the oil into the pan. Allow the oil to drain completely.

Remove the oil filter and use your rag to clean the filter and remove any debris. If necessary, use the oil filter wrench to loosen the filter. Drain any residual oil from the filter into the drain pan.

We recommend applying a layer of engine oil on the gasket of the new filter to help with installation of the filter. After the filter is in place, tighten it until it is snug but do not overtighten.

Install the drain plug and tighten. Use your funnel to add oil. Fill the oil to the recommended level and check the oil level before cleaning around the dipstick to remove any debris.

Reconnect the battery of your John Deere Gator, and then start the engine. Allow it to run and idle, and check for any leaks.